We believe Project Management performed the correct way, will make your company run more seamless, provide direction for the future and ultimately positively affect your bottom line. Almost project at Black Diamond has a Project Analysis and Timeline attached to. Even our smaller, home projects have a timeline assigned to them.

Project Management Implementation

Do you believe in Project Management, but don’t have the time to implement the methodology? Implementation takes dedication and resources. We’re able to tame the Wild West, so you can control your future. We will work with your management team to determine which Project Management style works best for your company. Then, we’ll formulate a plan for implementation. Finally, we’ll implement the correct tools, convert your current projects and assist in scoping a long term IT strategy.

Agile Project Management

Waterfall Methodologies

Project Dumps

We’re not afraid to tackle the largest dumpster fires in your company. If you have a project that is struggling, we will step in to consult or even take over the project as determined by your management team. We’ll work with the proper resources to re-scope the project and adjust the timelines as needed. We’re not miracle workers, but we’re pretty darn close.

How we operate

We send in our Project Management specialists to learn and understand your business. The opportunities you’re encountering, the lingo you use and the processes you have in place. We want to understand how your business operates, so we can tailor a Project Management solution that far exceeds your expectations.

More than a client to us

Whether Black Diamond performs one service or maintains extended contract solutions, we view our clients as partners. We firmly believe our success is directly correlated to your success, which is why we take each and every project to heart. We also believe our actions far exceed our words, which is why our reputation for highly accurate project scopes is very important to us.

Large or small

Even our smallest clients receive a timeline of activities from us. You see, Project Management is ingrained in everything Black Diamond does. We believe sharing information is fundamental to everyone’s success. Except our competition.