Pocket Lotto

Pocket Lotto is a mobile app for iPhones (our hard at work developers are working on an Android version) that provides statistical analysis of tracked lotteries. Huh? Basically, we decided to track as many lotteries as possible and perform some really cool magematics on the data. Then we displayed it in the simplest form possible. Pocket Lotto was not designed to predict Lottery results. That’s actually statistically impossible as random number draws over time, theoretically result in the same number of draws. However, we do believe in the biparticals of factual statistical data. Say what? Our math dude! The best part is that we give you Pocket Lotto, the Lottery Dashboard and super friendly reports for free. Download Pocket Lotto on iTunes.


While most of your are sleeping, we have 2 main brain applications working overtime. The first scours the Internet searching for new lottery numbers. Think of it as a spider crawling the lottery web gobbling data. Yum, Yum.

The second brain performs what we like to call Magematics. It’s the calculations that drives the reports in Pocket Lotto. See, our mad scientists (math and statistics guys) like to dream, draw, multiply, divide and contort all of the lottery data from Mr. Spider. They create these super awesome algorithms showing which numbers appear most frequently, together or on certain days or months. We take those super awesome algorithms and turn them into computer code (second brain) and it crunches the data over night.

Then Viola! The next morning, you have updated reports in the palm of your hand. The reports show you which numbers appear most frequently for a given lottery. You do remember that we track a lot of lotteries, correct?


Because our scientists are mad, they don’t know how to assemble data in the simplest format. You’ve probably seen the white boards with incomprehensible formulas? That’s we they’ve drawn all over the place. Fortunately for you, our developers have a canny way of translating that data into easy to read reports and dashboards. Our dashboard is a first in the industry and we’ve made it simple to understand. Each lottery has its own dashboard of easy to read information. Did we mention the dashboard is included in the free download? We’re working on a new version of the dashboard that will be even easier to use and packed with more data.

Download Pocket Lotto today on iTunes